We Were Three Comrades

“You’ll, see, I’m not coming back. But you’ll stay with me; won’t you, you won’t leave me when I die?”
In this eye-witness memoir, three young friends, Wilhelm, Jennrich and Fink, set out confidently in 1914 to fight for the freedom of their homeland. But this war wasn’t quite what they had expected it to be. How could it have been? Not even their generals had any idea what it would be like. “The Herr General gave a speech. With fiery words he emphasised that the three flag bearers had taken his hand and promised to carry the flags victoriously to new honour and glory through the enemy lines.”
Enthusiasm proves to be a poor companion in the trenches, and the three friends are separated many times before the inevitable final separation surrounded by the vileness of mud, death and shellfire takes place.
“We Were Three Comrades” is an extremely moving, true story of friendship, courage and pain amidst the insanity of armed conflict, republished for the first time in one hundred years, and for the first time in English.





Wilhelm Spengler

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