I Cried a Thousand Tears

On a visit to her sister in Russia, Melanie, her small son and her husband, an Austrian vice admiral, are caught up in the unravelling of European civilisation that is WWI. Accused of treason, they and their friends are arrested, at which point there begins a hellish series of incarcerations that leave them helpless in the hands of the pitiless Russian judicial system.

Melanie survives by finding a will of steel and strength within herself, a woman unused to privation. Fighting for her innocence and that of her husband, tortured by the loss of her young son, she fights to regain their freedom.

Her final triumph against barbaric indifference is crushed by her beloved husband’s death sentence and demise. I Cried a Thousand Tears is a true story, a story of endurance in the face of cruel adversity.


Melanie von Mauler

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Melanie von Mauler


Michael A. O'Neill


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